Paint Colour Inspiration & Ideas

inspired house painting suggestions
Our painters might not be interior decorators! but they see it all and are more than happy to make suggestions if you like. Also, be sure to take a look below. We have listed a few other places that we find most helpful.
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Paint suppliers

Paint Colour Ideas
If you’re looking for inspiration and colour ideas, most paint retailers offer a wide selection of free guides that can be very helpful. 
Dulux paint suggestions

Dulux stores &

We highly recommend Dulux stores or their website. is a great source and offers wonderful recommendations you can use as a starting point. We carry various colour sample and seasonal booklets from Dulux and other paint suppliers. We will bring them along when we come for an inspection and quote. 
Wattyl colour visualisation

Wattyl virtual painter

If you would like to see how your space will look after we’re done, Wattyl has a great colour visualisation software that you can use to virtually colour your room. 


Magazines for painting home inspiration
Anther great source for inspiration is home and interior magazines like ELLE Decor, Vogue Living and some more creative magazines like Inside Out and Wallpaper are great for ideas. Almost all magazines are also availabe in digital format.


Pinterest for painting inspiration
Last but not least, Pinterest is truly inspiring if you know what to search for. More and more of our clients are showing us their iPads with images from Pinterest. There are countless amazing spaces that will spark ideas but be careful Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming.