Brush-Up Residential Interior Painting Contractor

Residential Interior Painting

At Brush-Up we have painted thousands of living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and everything in between. Looking for interior painting services? look no further than Brush-Up. From a Victorian in Clifton Hill to a mansion in Toorak to an apartment in Southbank or a studio in St Kilda, we’ve done it all.

You can contact our master painter for an inspection and quote by phone, email or using our online enquiry form. Our master painter will give you an accurate, detailed proposal up front and our interior painters will work from the proposal to ensure your project is done right. No hidden costs, no surprises!

We’ll work with you to setup a schedule that works for you. We’ll help you choose the paint type and colours that will make your space just the way you want it. 

We're an eco-friendly house-painting contractor

Worth noting we’re an eco-friendly painting service. All our paints at Brush-Up are top-shelf, meaning we only use zero VOC and low VOC paint to minimise the impact on the environment and your home, ensuring there are no harsh odours or fumes when you return.
If you have any allergies that may be triggered by paint, please make sure we're made aware of this as we may be able to tailor make a solution to reduce the chances of an allergic reaction.

Repair work and preparation prior to painting and decorating

Preparation is the most critical part of interior painting. We’re meticulous about our prep work. Our expert team will conduct a thorough walkthrough before preparing for painting. We cover your floors, protect your furniture, and fill holes or cracks in the walls if necessary (this includes plaster repair). We can help with wallpaper removal, door and window repairs as well as wondow caulking, gerneral wood/carpentry work, facia and skirting-board repair.

A few things you should prepare...

Prior to painting a house its importnt to do a little preparation to prevent damage and to get work done smoothly. As well as removing pictures and all other removable items off the walls, we recommnd removing valuables or fragile items near the painting area. If you have pets, plan where you’ll keep them during the painting – we love pets and generally get along well with them but we wouldn’t want any paw print trails!

We'll discuss this in more detail before we start the work painting your house.

Peace of mind.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our work. We will not sign off a job until you’re happy that we’ve delivered on our promise and we guaranteed our residential painting services for 5 years.